Kwik Kits

A Long Term Investment

When you invest in a new coolroom or freezer, you want it to last. So you don’t have to worry. You want your coolroom or freezer to be useful for many years. Kwik Kits have been in service for over 25 years, and still going strong. Its important to know what can go wrong with a coolroom.

The main potential problem is the door. Sealing is most important, followed by the hardware durability. Coolstar doors use the genuine silicone rubber bulb seal which is unique to Coolstar. This seal will not crack even in -40°C temperatures. It is continuous around the door, is not joined at the corners. Hardware is die cast with nylon for long wear. The outside aluminium is anodised, which will not discolour. The panels are colorbond steel, bonded to a styrene core. Exterior sections are 3mm aluminium, anodised, similar to the door.

The optional vinyl floor is very durable, bonded to the panel, with the option of normal or heavy duty.

The most important fact is that your Kwik Kit dismantles to easily. You can easily relocate, and if you come to sell the unit, it commands high resale.

If you have a damaged panel, it can be easily replaced.

Easy To Use, Easy To Clean…

When you purchase a coolroom, you want it to make life easier, not harder. That’s why your Kwik Kit hasn’t got a hob at the doorway for you to step over. And that’s why the door can be bumped open from the inside, or bumped closed from the outside. The door cannot close on someone inside by itself. It would require some force stronger than a fierce wind to close it.

When it comes to cleaning, you want it to be very easy. With the optional vinyl floor, you have a seamless “bathtub bottom”, which can be easily mopped or hosed out. The walls are smooth colorbond, very easy to wipe. There are no internal angles, only a neat butt joint which can be sealed with a neat bead of sealant. There aren’t any plugs or caps in the walls to catch dirt or germs.

So you can relax. Using your Kwik Kit is easy.

Efficient Low Cost Operation…

Your Kwik Kit is designed to keep the heat out, and save you money. The door is a wedge shape semi- flush, creating dead zones which act as an insulation, coupled with the unique rubber gasket, and all panels are complex steps – once again creating dead zones.

Quick & Simple Installation…

On top of the pack is the floor. (If your Kwik Kit is a no floor model, there will be a pack of angles on top, which you fasten down to the concrete.)
Put the floor into position. The floor has a slot around the edge, with numbers next to it.
The walls drop into the slot, and you simply match the numbers from the walls to the floor. The walls push together with a tongue and groove system.
When all walls are standing, lift the roof on top, and it uses the same slot system to fit to the walls.
Complete the installation by putting screws back into holes, and extra screws if required, then seal up. All fasteners and sealants are provided. Fit unit, shelving, or any other accessories.


You have just installed a genuine Coolstar Kwik Kit!


Shelving & Accessories…

A range of shelving is available to fit your Kwik Kit. The most popular is the free standing galvanised with a clear epoxy coating, post & shelves, which are fully adjustable. Bulkhead lights can be fitted, with an external switch. A dial thermometer can also be fitted.

A Range Of Refrigeration Options…

Depending on the situation, there are a number of ways to refrigerate your Kwik Kit. The simplest method is with a package unit. This is complete, ready to plug in refrigeration system. Some options are shown here. Most important, is fresh, cool air, to circulate through the condensor. If the area is enclosed, or without a supply of fresh air, a split unit is required. This involves an outside compressor unit and inside fan unit, which have to be connected by a refrigeration trade person. Of course, the package system option is preferred, as it can be moved easily, serviced easily, and installation is easier, with less hassles.
1. Standard drop in unit. Requires drain to be piped out, higher efficiency, but does use up more coolrom space. 2. Low profile drop in unit. Requires drain to piped out. Uses less coolroom space than standard unit. 3. Standard Slide in unit, manufactured in Australia, requires drain to be piped out.
4. Imported Slide in unit. No drain is required, manufactured in Italy, Electronic controls and digital display. 5. Imported drop in no drain required, manufactured in Italy, minimal room intrusion. Digital display and electronic controls.

Extract Forms, Building Codes And Food Standard Codes…

A refrigerated or cooling chamber which is of sufficient size for a person to enter must have: A door which is capable of being opened by hand from inside without a key. Internal lighting controlled only by a switch which is located adjacent to the entrance doorway inside the chamber. An indicator lamp positioned outside the chamber which is illuminated when the interior light is switched on. An alarm that is located outside but controllable only from within the chamber, and able to achieve a sound pressure level outside the chamber of 90dB(A) when measured 3 metres from the sounding device. The doorway must have a clear width of not less than 600mm and a clear hight of not less than 1500m. Floors must be capable of being effectively cleaned to remove accumulation of food, waste, dirt, grease, or other visible matter.

Floors should be… smooth, free from cracks or crevices and resistant to hot water, steam and/or chemicals. Examples of floors that meet the criteria include glazed tiles with flush epoxy grouting, sheet vinyl, and epoxy resin… coving should be provided in areas where the floors are intended to be or likely to be cleaned by flushing with water.

Walls and ceilings that protect food must be sealed to prevent dirt, dust and pests getting into the area and must be impervious to grease, food particles and water. The surfaces must be easy to clean. To meet this criteria, order your Kwik Kit with the optional vinyl floor, light and doorbell. Please note that every Kwik Kit installed to date has met the criteria of council and food inspectors.


Standard sizes…

Room is 12mm larger each way than these normal measurements. Please allow an extra 25mm each way for clearance.
Feet mm

4 x 4 ’3

6 ’3 x 4

6 x 5 ’3

6 x 6 ’3

7 x 5 ’3

8 x 4

1200 x 1300

1900 x 1200

1800 x 1600

1800 x 1900

2100 x 1600

2400 x 1200

Feet mm

8 x 6 ’3

8 x 8

10 x 6

8 x 6

10 x 10

12 x 6

2400 x 1900

2400 x 2400

3000 x 1800

3000 x 2400

3000 x 3000

3600 x 1800

Feet mm

12 x 8

12 x 10

12 x 12

12 x 16

12 x 20

3600 x 2400

3600 x 3000

3600 x 3600

3600 x 4800

3600 x 6000


Or Any Size & Shape You Want…

Your Kwik Kit can be built to any size and shape. Below are some of the possibilities
These corner units make the most of the available space – important, especially in a small commercial kitchen.


Coolroom : 75mm, 3″ wall, floor and roof thickness Freezer: 150mm, 6″ wall and roof thickness. 75mm 3″ floor thickness 3mm anodised aluminium exterior sections powder-coated white aluminium coving

Display & Storage Combination…

When you want storage and display, combine both and save space… and money. You’ll save on labour too, because you can load the display shelves from the back, automatically rotating stock.

You can also have the option of a décor system to further highlight your products. With display, it is extremely important to get it right. After all, it is presenting and selling your product. Heated doors are important. You don’t want moisture running off the glass and restricting views. If your store is air-conditioned, it is possible to use unheated doors.

Lighting is also very important. You want lighting that illuminates your products, and increases sales.

With your Kwik Kit you have a freezone glass door insert. This is a separate construction, fully welded aluminium frame. It can be replaced or sold separately to the coolroom. It is probably one of the more expensive ways to get a glass door display, but well worthwhile in extra sales, durability and resale value.

Many variations and custom designs can be created to suit your particular store requirements.